Wedding WIP

Planning my own the wedding it’s probably one of the most demanding projects, I have been working on so far! It’s a complex and strategic process, that require managing many tasks at the same time, so proper project management is the key here!
Besides that, it also requires focus on digital media, such as preparing the invites, table setting, website and social media campaign. It’s a great way to test my skills, and create the unique experience, that we’re gonna remember for many years!
Here, you can follow the process of creating different materials, and how I implemented them in the real life. It’s still work in progress, so make sure to follow up and maybe get inspired as well 🙂

Invites and save the dates.

Save the dates

Save the date is the front page of our invites at the same time. It was inspired by the Star Wars posters. The design has been prepared for the golden finish print on the names and some stars.


The back page contains the official, namely invitation for our wedding. Here I also wanted to highlight the mixed theme of Star Wars and modern wedding.

Wedding details

Last page contains all of the wedding details, as well as the QR code which links to our website.



The intro page is inspired by the beginning of every Star Wars movie. Here the user can pick the preferred language.
The usage of interactive galaxy background sets the mood for the whole experience.


The whole website is divided into sections, which help the user get all of the important information about our wedding. I have included many interactive elements, to create an interesting experience as you scroll through.
There are interactive boxes with our favorite SW quotes, and quick contact us buttons, counter which counts the time to our wedding, hover over details on housing possibilities and attractions, and parallax backgrounds.
The important part of the website is the section that encourages people to use our hashtags while they’re posting pictures from our wedding. We want to gather them and create an album, from the guests’ point of view, and boost traffic on our social media channels.